Software Development

Future-proof protection of knowledge

Software development: Future-proof calculation applications for efficient knowledge management

The success of a company depends more than ever on how existing and new knowledge can be systematically prepared, secured sustainable and is accessible to all employees. Because within the development towards the “knowledge-based society 4.0”, know how is a factor of production and success at the same time is. Without the use of powerful, digital tools efficient knowledge management is not possible anymore. Furthermore, standard software is often not enough if you want to realize outstanding and innovative engineering projects. Therefor you need software which is developed especially for the individual application.

Customized solutions for the digital change

With the modern authoring system “MDESIGN author” we easily and efficiently support you with the creation of powerful calculation applications. Within a short time, we develop individual calculation modules from your company own content (e. g. calculation equations and formula, graphics, notes, table values). This enables you to ensure valuable engineering know how, to make this knowledge accessible to a large number of users and to make your work processes even more efficient.

Easily to a safe application

The with the MDESIGN author developed calculation tools are intuitive and easy to use. Time-consuming and expensive induction efforts will lapse. Because: The customized calculation tools offer all advantages of the known MDESIGN solutions. This includes inter alia the following features:

  • Easy usability thanks to an intuitive surface
  • Integrated data bases (e. g. for material characteristics)
  • Context-sensitive help system with valuable information
  • Multilingualism for international purposes
  • A verifiable documentation with just one click
  • Future-proof thanks to continuous development

Say goodbye to paper-based Excel sheets and complex Fortran or C++ based applications and start the realization of your own calculation and knowledge solution together with us.