Calculation Services

More time for the essentials

Calculation services: strength assessments, optimization, documentation and much more

For the solution of your tasks you need specialized know how, powerful CAE tools or additional resources? No problem! With customized calculation services we support the performance of your engineering projects. Therefor we adjust our services to your requirements and take over the tasks you don´t want to burden on the employees of your company. We support you on-site or from our office in Dresden and take over subtasks or entire projects.

Design of components according to standards

Our service portfolio includes the design, calculation and optimization of different machine elements. From fasteners (e. g. single and multi bolted joints or welded connections) to rotation elements (e. g. shafts, axles, shaft hub connections or bearings) and drive elements (e. g. belt and chain drives or gears) – we offer you a wide range of application fields. Concretely, this includes the following tasks:

  • Strength assessment calculations
  • Fatigue calculations
  • Variant analysis
  • Parametric analysis
  • Optimization (performance, design, weight, sound)

The calculations based on approved national and international standards and guidelines (e. g. VDI, DIN, ISO, FKM, Eurocode, AD, AGMA) and are carried out with innovative, digitized design and calculation methods.

Dimensioning of assemblies

Besides the calculation of single machine elements, we also take care of the modeling, parameterization and calculation of gear systems (planetary, spur and bevel gear). Thereby you can use straight toothed gears, helical gears, double-helical or spiral toothed. The filtering of the gear design regarding the following criteria ensures that you can choose easily and quickly the optimal variation:

  • Mass
  • Space
  • Volume
  • Mass interia
Easily to the right material

Furthermore we support you with the selection of a suitable material for your application as well as with determination of the relevant material data. Therefor we have access to a data base with hundreds of materials (metal, steel, aluminum and plastic) from national and international standards and guidelines and from leading manufacturers and suppliers. Within all analysis size effects and temperature dependency can be taken into account.

Documentation made easy

After the calculation process we create a complete calculation documentation with all relevant information (input data, calculation basics, graphics, tables, results). You determine the template, the extent of the content and the format (e. g. DOCX, PDF, HTML). We provide the final document – in up to 6 languages.

Customized calculation solutions

Thanks to long-term experience and specialized know how we are able to offer companies from different industrial sectors customized support in diverse calculation and simulation questions. This includes inter alia the following topics:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Mining
  • Energy and environment
  • Logistics
  • Aerospace
  • New drive technologies