Successfully pool expertise

MDESIGN Consulting Services: Partners

DriveConcepts GmbH takes on the development of technical content and consultant work within the group of companies. DriveConcepts GmbH and TEDATA GmbH guarantee the software development and the provision of the content. To this end, we enter into cooperative ventures and are a member of well-known associations. Always with the aim of preparing industry-specific and technological knowledge for our customers and making it usable in a digital form. Modern user interfaces and the provision of forward-looking platforms assure digital product development for our customers.


MDESIGN Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

For more than 35 years, MDESIGN Vertriebs GmbH has worked together with TEDATA GmbH as the software producer to advise customers on digital information and calculation solutions for product development. Since 2005, MDESIGN Vertriebs GmbH has been holding responsibility for the sale of the MDESIGN solutions in the German-speaking world (DACH region) as an independent company.


TEDATA GmbH is a leading global producer of digital information and calculation solutions and online component catalogues for product development. More than 30 employees at the Bochum and Donetsk sites are constantly working on adapting MDESIGN to meet the changing customer requirements. This includes further development of IT technologies (e.g. MDESIGN as a Cloud solution), continuous updating of technical standards and directives or the development of new calculation functionalities and innovative functions (3D modelling, artificial intelligence).