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Company profile: DriveConcepts GmbH - the company behind the MDESIGN consulting services

Together with the TEDATA GmbH und and the MDESIGN Vertriebs GmbH the DriveConcepts GmbH supports industrial companies of all sizes with approved calculation tools and excellent services with the digital transformation. Within the company group DriveConcepts offers a wide range of engineering services: From individual simulation and calculation services to future-proof software applications up to the provision of the required documentation (e. g. for verification purposes).


Leading calculation and information solution

Today already more than 3,000 companies from the mechanical engineering and adjacent sectors reliance on our MDESIGN products and services. More than 35,000 engineers, designers and developers use MDESIGN to assist with their design and development activities. More than 500 universities and educational institutions used MDESIGN for research and teaching. MDESIGN is therefore the leading information and calculation solution for machine elements and assemblies.


Education for technical professionals and executives

In addition we provide trainings (MDESIGN Wissensupdate) for engineers and technical professionals. In more than 100 training events (seminars, software trainings, webinars, user conferences) per year we teach technical knowledge about the design, calculation and optimization of machine elements. In the DACH region more than 1,000 participants per year extend and refresh their know how with our offers.